Confessions of a yogi...

wait for it....

I don't love juice cleanses.

I totally dig green juice, but I really struggle with doing a whole no-food juice cleanse, mainly due to the high sugar content and various horror stories - like my friend Heather crashing her car while reaching for her fourth juice of the day in a hangry rage. 

So when JuiceRx emailed me saying they wanted to send me one of their seasonal cleanses, I was understandably wary. But all they asked was for me to try out the flavors from their new fall line-up and they said they'd send me the green juice options. It was also right before Thanksgiving, which felt like a good time to do some internal rinsing.


They're based in Chicago and their thing is that they overnight their juices fresh off the presses anywhere in the USA. So at 10am, a package arrived at my doorstep. I was out and about teaching early so I had already had coffee (not exactly off to the best start for a day of juice sampling) and I got home around noon to test the waters. I unpacked the freezer packed box and got to sipping.


My first libation was a Spicy Lemonade, which was not so spicy and quite yummy. Since I was basically starving at this point in the day, I followed that up immediately with a Green Glow - packed with cucumber, zucchini, fennel, apple, celery, sprouts, watercress and ginger. Satiation.

I was feeling pretty good, so I kept up with the juices... but after some private yoga clients, lots of liquid and no food, I was not a great teacher at my 6pm power hour class (read: I was such an airhead that multiple people asked me what was wrong) so I decided to have some solid food for dinner and get back to taste testing in the morning.

Over the next few days, I sampled a variety of juices - the standouts were the Cucumber Mint Electrolyte Boost, the Evening Green and the Pumpkin Spice Milk, which had a delish base of sprouted raw pumpkin seeds.

It's a cool concept, especially if you're traveling or you live in a food desert and are looking to have some healthy yumminess shipped your way. My personal take on juicing is everything in moderation, lean more in the direction of greens, listen to your body and - like everything else in life - choose things that make you feel good. Peace and love, omies.