There are two sides to every coin. After my last post, I spoke with a few yoga instructors who let me know that they don't love the idea of self-promotion and social media. That it feels uncomfortable.

I can totally vibe off this, self-promotion does correlate directly to the ego - and therefore, can be view through a yogi lens as negative. Social media = bad.

being a social yogi at panther coffee.

being a social yogi at panther coffee.

To elaborate, the majority of yoga practices are designed to kill or lessen the ego - through yoga practice, divine chanting, etc - so that you can be connected to your higher self, and eventually aligned with all things and the divine. Together as ONE. I love the concept of one-ness. I think we are all absolutely divinely connected. And I think we can be connected in lots of different ways.

So anyway, back to the ego-thing. You devote your life to being a yoga teacher and sharing yoga with people, because you love it and you want to help people. In traditional yoga fashion, you shun Facebook and Instagram as methods of communicating about yoga, and you definitely don't do the "website thing". 

Just one glaring hiccup...  No one comes to your classes.

Because you don't promote yourself and people don't know about you.

I really believe that you do yourself a disservice as a yoga teacher when you don't use social media. Think of it as a tool to let people know about your classes, where you teach, when you teach... at the minimum you can use Facebook or Insta to show people pictures of your classes so they know what they're getting into. People like to be informed. Companies hire whole marketing TEAMS to promote their businesses. Jeez, countries hire marketing agencies to promote their COUNTRY. If people don't know about a whole country, how are they going to know about your Wednesday night yoga class? 

I believe there is a balance. Yes, there are teachers out there who use social media to promote their ego. And you don't have to be them. There is a way to do it that's true to you. You probably know my stance on this already (since I say it in almost every yoga post that I do)... but the key is to check your intention

If your intention is to share yoga with people, they have to know about you. You can use social media to pass along inspiration, favorite poses, really whatever speaks to you. If you think of it as sharing your message in another way - off the mat - it will lead to more people live and in person, practicing, breathing and learning yoga on the mat with you.

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