About me...

I'm a Miami based international yoga teacher, a mindful brand coach, an occasional writer and a yoga studio owner. I was raised in Clearwater, Florida and I was always active growing up - running, gymnastics, soccer... mainly because I have always loved to move. I love exploring, being creative, trying new coffee spots and riding my bike.

About ten years ago, I got into yoga. I had graduated from the University of Florida and was working a stressful corporate job. Getting on my yoga mat a few times a week was the one thing I looked forward to all day long. At that time, the idea of practicing every day seemed impossible. There was no way I could fit that into my life and there was seemingly no way that I could create my life around yoga.

But I realized that was what I wanted. So I shifted my priorities. I took a leap and left the stressful job. I completed a yoga teacher training. I started drinking green juice. I added on more yoga trainings. I began teaching. I put in work. I set clear goals and intentions for my life.

And now.... I am grateful to say that my day is yoga. I teach, I travel to teach, I lead trainings, I write about yoga, I do yoga consulting for businesses, I put on yoga events and retreats and I even spent a year hosting a yoga radio talk show. 

I've had incredible experiences through yoga - teaching classes on mountains and islands and rooftops and beaches and parking lots and cruise ships and paddleboards. I've introduced yoga to inner city kids and billionaire CEO's and everyone in between. I've led classes for lululemon, Nike, WeWork, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Summit Series and more. I co-founded and opened a yoga studio in Miami Beach called Tropical Vinyasa and get to share the yoga practice every day. 

If you'd like to practice together, come flow with me at Tropical Vinyasa. Or if you're ready to go on an adventure, join in on a yoga retreat or event with me and my man (and fellow yoga teacher) Mike D.

I also coach yoga teachers and entrepreneurs on building their own mindful brands through my brand coaching program mindfully branded or if you want to see more, I love to share about all things yoga and mindfulness on my instagram @miamy. Big love!

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do
— Rumi


My husband and I have been practicing yoga privately with Amy for about four years. We are in our mid 60’s and she has tailored our practice specifically for our age and abilities. We have a great rapport with Amy, and think that she is wonderful at what she does. We love her! She is absolutely terrific. - Susan

It's hard to put into words what Amy has meant to me as my yoga teacher. What she teaches goes far beyond what happens on the mat. As a working professional and a competitive amateur triathlete, mentally, her class and teachings have grounded me in a way that I have never experienced before. Physically, I can feel the difference in my training when I haven't been to her class. When life gets a little too crazy, I can hear her voice reminding me to "flow like water."  - Marianne

“We are grateful to have found Amy. We are amazed at her knowledge of the physical body condition. Amy has worked with my pregnant daughter as well as my husband and me in a way that addresses our different needs. She is very mindful and a great listener. A wonderful spirit. I have chronic knee pain and she is working on building my strength and stamina in preparation for knee replacement surgery. I have become confident and attained the strength to go forward with the surgery.” - Jill