Bali faves 2.0

I've been a little swept up in the tides and forgot to share my favorites from last month's trip to Bali! We love Canggu, a surf town with great coffee shops and yoga vibes, so we spend most of our time cruising the Batu Bolong strip - which I refer to as the Bali equivalent of Purdy Ave. In the year since we last visited, there has been a surge of development (sad) but some great new spots have sprouted up (score). So if you're planning a trip in real life or just taking notes for your future adventures, here are my most recent recommendations:

Milk and Madu: this place rocks. It's by the same peeps who run Watercress, another great resto. Bali has an excellent coffee shop slash breakfast thing going on, which I'm pretty sure is drawn from the strong Australian influence. And man, do they nail it. Avocado toast, coconut milk chia puddings, incredible cappuccinos with Revolver coffee and gorgeous presentation. Mike and I loved to hit this spot up for brekkie after our respective yoga and surf sessions.

milk and madu

Dandelion: I don't even know how to describe this adorable warung, so I'll just tell you what it offers. Great food, cheap prices, a balinese mariachi band and bunny rabbits that run free around the backyard. Go for dinner, stay a while, tell all of your friends. It's just too cute not to share.

Alchemy: This Ubud joint is famous and I don't know why I didn't make it here last time. This place sets the standard for raw vegan food. High vibration food, great atmosphere, delicious smoothies and cold pressed juice. We loved our lunch up here - it's about an hour from Canggu.

The Chillhouse: This hotel also has some solid yoga teachers, a nice breakfast and offers cool adventurous activities like surfing, biking and more. I loved my morning practice with Octavio.

Deus Ex Machina: Motorcycles, surfboards, music, restaurant... this place is epic. Their revered Temple of Enthusiasm flagship in Canggu is popular for their Tuesday night tradition - tacos and free tattoos. I was very close to getting one... but instead I opted to get inked at a proper place later that week! Surprise! Here I am getting a fresh tat at Mason's Ink Tattoo in Seminyak.

bali tattoo

My little Bali souvenir! A reminder to love through all things - always lots of challenges and times of growth on trips like these.

Mike and I are also planning a super duper dope Bali yoga retreat for 2016 so you can come explore all of these places with us and do some amazing yoga and personal discovery! Stay tuned, info coming soon :) xox


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I knew I had packed too much. Two rain jackets? Really, Amy? Mike kept telling me I packed too much. I kept saying that I would need all of it. I didn’t. And maybe it was due to my excitement about heading to Miami for a few days, but coming down the front steps from our 6th floor walk-up in NYC this morning with my 50 pound suitcase, I fell. Off the last step. Fuck.

“If I broke my ankle…” I said to myself, not really knowing what I would do if I broke my ankle. “Holy shit! Are you ok?” yelled the guy walking by. “Yeah. I’m fine.” I paused to collect myself. “Thanks for asking.”

Soho Ganesha

Soho Ganesha

These are the lessons when I learn the most. The moments when I beat myself up. For not planning better. For not taking my time. For packing five pairs of yoga pants when I would have been fine with two. When did I start needing so much stuff? I was never a crazy packer. This is my personal shit playing out in my life – looking good, wanting to have the right clothes so I can fit in, thinking I ‘got it’ all the time, me not asking for help. Mike was going to be at work when I left for my flight and had asked me if I would need help navigating the heavy suitcase down the six floors of narrow winding stairs of the cute NYC rental apartment. No, no. I was good. “I got it!” Ugh. Now all I’ve got is a hurt ankle and a bruised ego. I keep learning.