It all started with breathing.

For the past few months, Mike had been attending a crazy-sounding Effiji breathing class. He would rave about it, how they laid down on their backs and breathed in a special way just in and out through their mouths for an hour, basically hyperventilating. He would come home high as a kite and tell me how much he learned about himself each time. How he saw visions. How he loved it.

So eventually, one Monday night last month, I tagged along. "Do I need to bring a mat? A blanket?" I asked, "A pillow?"

I like to be prepared. Ready for whichever one of the dozen bizarre situations might arise. Like what if I freeze to death while breathing. "What about socks? A hoodie? I should bring a hoodie." 

"Jesus, come on, you'll be fine." Mike said, "Just come."

We hopped on the scooter and rolled up to the class, which took place in a a very zen community room inside of a beautiful condo building that I hadn't been to before. People were rolling around on yoga mats and a stack of blankets were piled high in a basket for people to use. I mentally checked freezing to death off the list. I was instructed to read and sign a waiver... a waiver to breathe.

I went with it.

The nice instructor Nathalie had us all set up mats in a long row and lay on our backs. She led us through a few practice rounds of Effiji breath for those of us first-timers. We opened our mouths wide - much wider than normal and took some super deep inhales and exhales. It was not a walk in the park. "I'm supposed to do this for an hour straight?" I asked myself. And myself responded, "You're a fucking yoga instructor, Amy, I think you can breathe for an hour."

I went with it some more.

Nathalie turned the lights down, put some soothing music on and we began. The first few minutes were fine, just getting into the rhythm of breathing... and then things started to get more interesting.

The way this breath works, Nathalie explained, is that it's like a river flowing into a dry river bed. All of the water comes in and stirs up and sweeps out the debris, so channels get cleared and old feelings get awakened. About fifteen minutes in, I started to feel a tingly sensation in my hands and feet, which she said is common. Then things in my body started to unravel. I started having spontaneous movements. Something in my belly got really stirred up and it felt like that scene from Space Balls where the alien is bursting out of the dude's stomach. I was uncomfortable. Then all of a sudden, I was laughing, hard. Things released. And then it felt like I wanted to cry and curl up in a little ball and then, in a moment, it was done.

An hour had passed. 

We were quietly instructed to go back to normal breathing and rest for a while, to let our bodies reintegrate. I rolled over on to my side and went into a state somewhere between sleep and wake. As I rested in that sleep, a message came to me...

It doesn't need to be so complicated, Amy. 

In that moment, it was so perfectly clear. It doesn't need to be so complicated. This belief is the crux of many of my life choices. My motto might as well be why do simple when I can do complicated. Why wear the same outfit again when I can spend an hour creating a new one? Why teach the same yoga class again when I can stress myself out always trying to keep it fresh? Why simply drive when I can ride my bike?

Why take the easy route when I can make it super duper complicated?

The message hung in the air over my head, floating, until we were told we could slowly sit up and rejoin reality. As I opened my eyes in the dim light, it felt like I was somewhere other than Miami. Things felt different. I felt lighter. There was a piping hot cup of mint tea waiting for me at the top of my mat. I curled up with it and let the truth of that message sink into my body.

It can be simple, and that can be perfect

photo by matt roy //

photo by matt roy //


Work in progress

Lots of things have me questioning my life choices lately.

The Zika virus, the sudden loss of a friend's husband, the overwhelming feeling I have that I need to be doing more with my life but I can't put my finger on what more is.

"Let your concern be with action alone, and never with the fruits of action. Do not let the results of action be your motive, and do not be attached to inaction" - Krishna

I don't want to get into action just to get into action but that is exactly what my mind would like me to do. To be busy for the sake of being busy.

And god forbid I'm not busy. When did free time become taboo and honestly, what the hell does a balanced life even look like?

Is this how it's all supposed to be?

So I breathe, and I practice non-attachment. I keep moving forward in the dance of doing and receiving.

My mantra becomes "I love my life. I am grateful for all parts of it." The ups, the downs, the goods, the bads, the self-inflicted scrape on the side of my car, my stolen bike, my shattered kombucha bottle that left shards of glass all over the ground. The warm Miami breeze and ripe avocados and blissful people coming out of my yoga classes. It's all perfect and imperfect and perfectly imperfect.

The sun will rise again tomorrow.

photo by matt roy (

photo by matt roy (



Ok, I get it universe. You abhor a vacuum. My days have been filled lately. And filled with good things thankfully... an amazing mention from lululemon yesterday, Dawn B and I are quickly filling up a summer yoga retreat in Costa Rica, OMWave radio is picking up traction and my new job is creating the community I was craving.

All really good stuff, except for that fact that I really haven't been able to blog much on here. So I wanted to come back online and share just some of the things that I've been into as of late. A brain dump of current Amy favorites if you will.

1. Buckwheat groats. I'm kind of obsessed with these mo-fo's for breakfast. I soak raw groats in filtered water overnight, rinse them thoroughly in water to remove the slimy film that has formed (which distinctly resembles saliva) and then I mix them with my current favorite...

2. Homemade cashew milk. I am not a big fan of lecithin and unfortunately, most of the prepackaged alternative milks contain it. I have been making my own cashew milk (yes, still no almonds) by soaking 1 cup of cashews for at least 4 hours, rinsing thoroughly and then adding them to a blender with 2 cups of filtered water. Blend that mixture out into the stratosphere - until cashews are pulverized, easiest done with a vitamix, and then add 2 more cups of water, a sprinkle of salt, teaspoon of vanilla extract and a splash of maple syrup. Blend one last time and go nuts. It stays good for 5 days in the fridge!

3. Jeans. This is awesome. After spending 5 years in yoga pants, I am loving me some denim. Dude, who knew how great Zara was for jeans. Boom.

4. Meditation. I have always been into meditation but now with balancing full-time job and teaching yoga, my brain is on overdrive most days and I genuinely need it. Silent meditation is amazing but my favorite jam of late is to tune into Davidji on Spotify. He is the man. I saw him speak a few years ago and knew he was my meditation idol. I find that his meditations always have a message that I can genuinely relate to. This guided meditation from him is one of my favorites - I'm all about co-creating with the universe so it speaks to me every time. 

5. Morning rituals. I have been working to create rituals for myself - sometimes it's 7:30am FlyBarre, sometimes it's journaling up waking, sometimes it's coffee and gazing at the water. This sacred time is important and when I start the day intentionally, I know the rest of it will fall into place. My intention most days is "I am love" but there are endless possibilities. For me, that one succintly sums up how I want to show up in the world.... with love, with light... and with some sparkle. BIG love to you all <3

beach yoga

*If you're been missing my blogs, you can also find me over at as one their contributing writers, there's a nice backlog of stuff to check out over there! 



Ay dios - it's been too long since I've written a blog post. But it's for good reason, I guess. 

I wrote at the end of 2014 about finding my purpose. It's scary at first to put your dreams on paper (or on the web) but if you take the risk and actually do it, it's fascinating to watch what unfolds. A few days after I wrote that post, things started to percolate. I did some personal work, seeking to figure out what I was missing. Why was I asking for my purpose? Wasn't I living it? The universe started showing me things. I reflected. And then... an opportunity came my way that aligned almost exactly with my goals and passions. An opportunity that reminded me that I already knew my purpose and my greater contribution to the world. 

We always already have the answers inside us, but sometimes we forget them.


Some backstory... I spent most of the past year working pretty much independently and I realized that working by myself is not my jam. I love all aspects of teaching yoga but at the end of the day, it's a solo career. In thinking back to my previous roles, I felt and performed my strongest when I was working with people, leading teams, brainstorming creatively, going to a "job". In reviewing all this, I remembered how much I loved working with people.

Connection is the cure, in my opinion. I mean, hell - that's why I even started this blog. 

So as the next step on my personal path of exploration, I excitedly have taken on the role of Head of Community for jugofresh - an amazing Miami based company. It's the intersection of all things I'm passionate about - health, yoga, food, Miami, consciousness - through creating innovative events that raise the vibes in Miami while also handling their social media channels. And don't worry - I'm still teaching yoga - mainly at Green Monkey and lots of events. I also find that I love yoga more when it's not the only thing I'm doing and it shows in my teaching.

A role like this was one of my goals for years. I'm continually amazed at the power of goal setting, putting our dreams out to into the universe and trusting that things will happen - and it usually happens in ways we would never imagine. It's magical, really. When we allow ourselves to really be ourselves, it serves everyone. Keep shining. xo, Amy



Every year, about this time, a certain type of person starts showing up in yoga class.

Maybe it's their New Year's resolution. Maybe they're detoxing. Whatever. But generally, they aren't there to chill out. They eye up everyone else as they walk into the yoga room. They spend most of their class craning their necks to see what everyone is doing. They groan, grunt, fling up into handstands and are not particularly concerned with ujjayi breathing. I don't want to overgeneralize here, but they also tend to wear their Miami marathon shirts.

This is the person who firmly believes that they will WIN AT YOGA.

I get it, I really do.

Shit, my last post (which was very long ago and I do apologize for my recent lack of writing) was all about ego. We all have one, for our benefit and detriment. Our ego is a powerful driving force, propelling us to do amazing things. It also wants us to be better than you are at handstand.

And as much as I stress staying present on your own mat in class, it's not exactly that simple. This is the practice. The not pushing, the not straining - it must be learned. Focusing instead on moving with more finesse, finding new rough edges to smooth, refining our ability to find ease in our breath and our bodies at all moments. This is not easy work. This is years in the making.

yoga outdoors

I remember when I first started seriously practicing, like 7-ish years ago, I would force my way into poses, often to the detriment of my body. I might have made it into bound half moon, but I definitely wasn't breathing. Once the poses got easier, then I worked on making smoother transitions - moving from that half moon to standing split gracefully, instead of my leg sling-shoting back behind me once I released the grip. Then it became the breath and choosing pose variations where I could stay steady with my inhales and exhales. And finally, probably about a year or so ago, when the asana practice stopped being so important, I stopped giving so many shits about what other people thought and started staying on my mat. And I still have a lifetime of learning to go. 

Winning at yoga isn't about being the best poser in the room.

It's about being the most real and authentic you in the room.

Yoga is a humbling practice and a constant reminder to let go of the comparison, let go of the proving, let go of being perfect. When we can realize that the letting go is the winning, that we are all in this life game together, peeling back to the layers to discover the best version of ourselves... then we have really won.



Flow in the Dark playlist

This past Saturday night, I taught a class I had been wanting to teach for a long time. Late night, lights out, super vibey. The concept was a flow that moves us past the external circumstances where we compare ourselves to other people and give us the opportunity to simply get lost in our own practice, free and totally ourselves. I felt very clever when I named it Flow in the Dark. The fact that everyone thought there would be glowsticks and neon was besides the point.

third eye

Loaded with organic, rhythmic movement, the highlight for practitioners was the freestyle flow portion in the middle of class. I stopped talking and everyone just let loose. Bodies were moving, emotions were high, and most of all - thoughts were absent. Everyone was completely absorbed in the moment - totally present - and I had a huge smile on my face. 

It was an awesome sight and I wanted to share the music that took us to that place.

On a side note... someone asked me to describe the playlist for the class and I said "Ummm... tribal electronic?"

See if you agree.



I found myself again at IKEA this week, explaining Mercury in retrograde to the older woman with kind eyes who was behind the returns/exchanges counter.

"You see, it's this phenonemon when Mercury looks like it's moving backwards in the sky. And it fucks everything up. Communication, decision making, IKEA item purchasing. Which is why I'm here for the fourth time in 11 days. To return this futon cover that is the wrong size."

She smiled at me. "Hmm, I'd never heard about Mercury in retrograde. But that does explain a lot. And I am sorry about your inconvenience." 

I nodded and laughed a little to myself. "Thank you."

Sometimes you just need to be heard... someone to receive you, to hear your struggle - no matter how insignificant.

Ikea Warrior 3

For me, I needed to share Futon-gate 2014: the great transformation of our guest bedroom into a functional office/bedroom space. First trip was the determine the IKEA futon situation in person with Mike. They were sold out of the one we wanted but there was another color option. We had to think on it. Next step was to go back and purchase the backup color option futon. Trip three was to get the parts that, once assembly commenced, I discovered were missing out of the futon box. Ugh. Trip four (and hopefully last) was to get the right size cover, after we grabbed the wrong one off the shelf in our haste to move on with our lives.

A grand total of 12 of my living hours spent at IKEA, most of it waiting in the return/exchange queue. It was annoying and undoubtedly, a total first world problem. But despite that, I still wanted to share and be heard, to relate to people, to know that I'm not alone. And to also quell that little bit of "you screwed up, you bought the wrong size cover" that was showing up inside me.

Because we all share in struggle. It's the human condition. And how we dance with it varies... maybe your jam is connecting over dinner with friends, time with family, a book club, an online forum. Whatever being in relationship with others feels and sounds like to you, we all deserve to be understood and connected. 

When we open up to offer our missteps and wrong turns, it unconsciously gives other people the freedom to share their own. We form deeper connections and stronger bonds to the people around us. Life starts to feel different, like we're not alone or messing up on our journey. When we are connected - vulnerably and openly - your whole universe expands.

mercury in retrograde

Life on a bike

Very few things make me happier than the simple pleasure of riding a bike. The feeling of freedom, instant connection with the outdoors and the fact that you're responsible for moving your own body. I love bikes - and I am especially passionate about biking as a form of transportation. A favorite quote of mine sums it up nicely...

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul
— Anonymous

After happily going a year without a car and just getting around via bike, I'm often asked about what kind of bike to get and how I handle biking in Miami. Honestly, it can be a total clusterfuck. Miami is notoriously un-bike friendly. Rough roads... bike lanes unexpectedly ending... lots of tourists... and crazy ass drivers. Yet biking can be your most beautiful Miami experience at the same time. Whether you have a bike or want a bike, here are some things I've learned from five years of biking the streets of MIA that may help you.

1. Get a bike that suits your lifestyle. Over my lifetime I've had different types of bike - road bikes, mountain bikes, fixes, beach cruisers, hybrids. I love them all for lots of reasons. You have to consider what you need your bike for. Are you taking it to Whole Foods for groceries? Cool - get a hybrid or cruiser with a basket. Are you planning on using it as your car? Awesome - get a fixie or lightweight hybrid (you want it light so you can easily put it on a bus or in a friend's car if you need to). You don't need a lot of gears in Miami since we don't have any hills. When you're ready to get a bike, check out local bike shops or online. Most companies frequently run web promotions or free shipping so have some patience when online shopping. You can also easily buy online and bring it into your local bike shop to have it assembled.

fixie purefix bike miami

2. Once you get it... lock that shit up. While you're at it, get a really badass lock. Between us, Mike and I have had five bikes stolen from Miami Beach. That's 2.5 bikes per person! WTF, right? Invest in a lock. I love my Kryptonite Evolution Mini - I got it on People are ruthless so always lock your bike up to something stable. I've seen street signs ripped out of the street so people can steal the bikes locked up to them - always make sure you're locked up to something secure. And lock your bike through the rear triangle

3. Never leave your bike out overnight in this city. NEVER. I don't care how well locked up it is. 

4. Consider your attire. You want to be able to be nimble and comfortable. Girls - biking in a dress or skirt sucks. You can't go that fast and the fabric might get caught somewhere. Flip flops and sandals can be a pain too - not to mention dangerous. Your most comfortable biking outfit is flexible bottoms and sneakers of some variety. I have a single speed (fixie) that doesn't allow for a basket, hence why you see me wearing a backpack around town. That's how I get my groceries home and it's nice because it keeps the weight centered on your back. For chicks - a purse or even a cross body bag can be troublesome if the weight shifts to one side or the other. I've had scary experiences when a heavy tote bag slipped off my shoulder and almost threw me off my bike. Just good to consider.

5. Know your roads. Euclid is a great biking thoroughfare in Miami Beach - nice and wide with well marked bike lanes. West Ave is a mess right now with all overflow from the Alton construction. Biking down Lincoln Road is a nightmare on weekends but in the very early morning, it is a truly delightful experience.  Google Maps has a bike function for when you're mapping out a route that's helpful. 

6. Check out group rides. Critical Mass is one of my absolute favorite things to do in Miami. Or come ride with us during our monthly Purdy Ave rides. It's such a cool way to see the city and meet new friends. If you're riding at night, make sure you get some bike lights for safety. 

7. It's the tropics, so it's almost a given that you're going to get rained on. You might want to get a lightweight rain jacket. You'll also probably ride in the rain. And unless you have more of a cruiser bike with fenders, you'll end up with a nice wet line on your butt from the spray. You can check our the Ass-savers (yes, it's a real thing!) to keep your booty dry.

And finally... once you're out there on the road, take time to enjoy your scenery and have so much fun! You are treading lightly on this earth when you're on a bike and that's a really good thing. You can discover so much more than you could in a car! Soak in the beauty and art that surrounds you - life just feels a little more magical when you're cruising around this planet on two wheels.

bike wedding

Side effects

I left Bali with my heart fuller, my inner chatter quieter and... my pants a bit tighter. Ugh. I'm blaming it on the coffee. My logic? Since almonds are expensive in Indo, they don't do almond milk, my default milk. And I don't do soy. I'd prefer not to take the chance on more estrogen.

So... I broke the cardinal rule of yogi's everywhere… and got real milk. Whole fucking milk! The horror. And guess what. It was creamy and delicious. So foamy. I loved every drop.

How cute is this cappuccino chirper?

How cute is this cappuccino chirper?

But the obvious side effect... five weeks of full fat dairy left me with more luggage than what I packed when I left Miami, if you know what I mean. So when I got back to MIA, I immediately wanted to resume my "normal" Miami diet. On the plane I was dreaming of kale smoothies with almond milk, almond butter on some Ezekiel toast, raw almonds… yum!

But something weird happened. Yesterday morning, almost immediately after having an almond milk cappuccino and some overnight chia oats made with almond milk, my throat felt scratchy. I got a little headache-y. I didn't feel super great. Definitely didn't feel as good as I did when I was milking it up in Bali. Perplexed, I thought… what could it be? Did I pick up something on the plane? Do I need sleep? Maybe it's jet lag.

More whole milk porn. And journaling.

More whole milk porn. And journaling.

But then I remembered my bud Sharon mentioning she was told she had become slightly allergic to almonds due to overeating almonds. I thought - what the?? Have I overdone it as well?! Naturally I turned to Google to substantiate these claims. And can you believe what I found on MindBodyGreen.

Eek! So - I'm experimenting. Some coconut milk, some dairy. We'll see. But taking a little break from almond life for now. Knowing most of you guys are almond consumers, I wanted to share in case you also happen to experience something like this. Back in Miami also means back in the kitchen so I'll be posting some recipes soon - stay tuned!


Here and now

When I walk into the yoga room before I teach a class, I take a moment to observe the energy in the room - are they chatty and laughing and light? Are they sitting silent or laying on their backs? Are they on their phones? Are they already in pigeon pose? This subtle observation allows me to speak to what is needed to be said. That's the beauty of vinyasa flow. You can talk about whatever the hell you want to talk about. Last night what was needed to be said was Be Here Now. Also an excellent Ray Lamontagne song. 

There are three places we can be. In the past, reminiscing that conversation or beating ourselves up over something that didn't go as we planned or hoped. The past feels like holding on, tight. In the future, worrying about things that haven't even happened yet. The future feels anxious, scatterbrained. Or here. Now. In your body. That's the jackpot. Everything exists in the now. Now feels good. That's a central reason why yoga is so breath-focused - if you're seriously focused on breathing in and breathing out, you have no choice but to be present.


The poses you pick can also signal where you are in your life. If you're pushing for handstand without taking the time to do the prep work (practicing hamstring opening, breath work, etc) because you want it so badly, you're not operating in the present. The present means being mindful of where your body is right now.

Or sometimes it shows up as you giving so much to other people that you lose sight of what you need, and what makes you you starts to slip away. And you wonder why you're confused about what you're doing with your life or where you're going. 

The easiest way to know where you are is to tune into your physical body sensations. Listen to the messages your body is telling you. And if you're not in the now, asking yourself... what do I need to do to let go of what I'm holding onto? Maybe it's a yoga class or a surf session or a morning hike. For me, it's usually quiet solo reflective time - a bike ride or a walk. Get to know you. It's your responsibility to be able to recharge yourself so you can be here and show up for everyone else in your life. 

The very act of paying attention to your body changes your experience.
— Diane Heller

How to look like a Miami local in yoga class

Viva Miami yoga! My home mat scene. My hOMe. If you're new to this tropical paradise, here are some truths that will help you navigate your way through the Miami yoga community, especially if you're used to practicing somewhere like London

1. First off, guys, it's joga

2. Bring your own mat and towel. Preferably in a bright color. Shit gets sweaty in this town. The Mat from lululemon is a great choice for the ultra-sweaty Miami yogi. 

3. Ride your bike or your scooter (also preferably in a bright color). Parking is tough around yoga studios and there is nothing worse than fucking up your zen while looking for a spot right before class. 


4. In a packed class, expect to move your mat over to fit someone who comes in late (better known as running on Miami time). Do not get annoyed at this - it's just how it is. Miami works when you surrender to it.

5. To really look legitimately local, set up your phone, expensive car keys, towel and green juice at the front of your mat. Designer purses at the back of the mat or in a cubby. You wouldn't want to drip sweat all over your iPad.


6. The instruction will be mainly English, some Sanskrit... probably some Spanglish... and even a little Spanskrit. Virabhadrasana dos, yogis!

7. Miami yogis do not do well with structure. Can you blame us? We can't even get to class on time. Miamian's march to the beat of their own drum. Don't be surprised when the person next to you does an unauthorized handstand after standing split, or an updog while the instructor is still asking for chatarunga. Hell, sometimes they'll even do their own sequence. 

8. For the Miami yogi, pigeon pose means "texting time!"

*Note - pigeon texting is not condoned by yoga instructors. Put that phone away!

9. If class is supposed to end at 7:30pm, don't plan anything until 7:45pm. Class won't end  at 7:30pm (it started 5 minutes late anyway) and there is no post-class bolt to the door like other cities. It's social here, and that's a beautiful part of the Miami yoga scene - plan to stick around a few minutes and meet new like-minded friends. Slow down a little.

10. Don't be afraid to rock your yoga clothes all day. EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T GO TO YOGA. It's totally commonplace. 

To sum it up, yeah it's a little wacky here but aren't we all crazy anyway? You will do amazing yoga in the most beautiful places in this town. When you start to judge it, that's when you lose your personal yoga and let other people affect you. Embrace it all for what it is and love it all up. Open yourself up without judgement and simply share that love and light within you.

Namaste y'all.






trust the universe

The universe is a funny thing. It has a way of directing us back to where we are supposed to be. And for me and Mike, it looks like we are supposed to be in Miami. Due to some circumstances outside our control, we won't be galavanting across Europe anymore. It's kind of a bummer, but honestly I'm not really that upset. I missed home while I was gone. I love it here. It's sunny and warm. We have a great group of friends, familiar faces, a rad apartment in an amazing location. 

Travel is beautiful because your eyes are so open. To what is new and to what is already there. For me, it gave me such a gift of reflection. How important it is for me to part of a community - being alone in a new place not really knowing anyone, I quickly became lonely. I know if we had stayed there I would have made friends - but for the initial few weeks, I wasn't my happiest. I was reminded that my yoga practice is my lifeline. That I need to meditate regularly. That cooking in my kitchen is more enjoyable to me than any expensive meal out. How much I value my daily bike rides. I was so inspired too - by what people are up to, how they see the world, what they're seeing, wearing, eating. This experience, albeit short, taught me so much. I studied abroad in London in college, but this was different. More real. 

This trip also kickstarted some of my goals, rekindling my love affair with writing, launching a blog, teaching internationally, getting published on MindBodyGreen, getting a writing job… and we made some great progress with Purdy Ave. Being somewhere new and not working a normal job gave me creative space that I had never had in my adult life.


So we are back in Miami for about a month and then heading abroad for some personal travel (honeymoon in Bali!) and we will be home for June and beyond - pretty much permanently - for now at least. I'm excited to get back into this community that I love, create some new possibilities for myself and see can happen from this new space. I'm going to be working on my goals this week to get some fresh energy flowing - I'll post them to share. Grateful to be home. xx, Amy

PS - Yes, I'm also back teaching my normal schedule at Green Monkey. Can't wait to see you there.


Life lesson and ultra yoga playlist

When I'm not practicing yoga, I really love teaching it. Particularly a strong vinyasa flow. Like my Tuesday/Thursday 6pm at Green Monkey. It's a special feeling - harnessing the energy of a roomful of sweaty, breathing, beautiful shiny beings. So when I teach a vinyasa flow, music is really important to me. It sets the tone. The opening, the closing, the natural crescendo that a class takes on. Normally I love some dope beats, some great acoustic, definitely hip-hop, maybe some chill electronica or classical to wrap it all up.

This weekend was the craziness that is the Ultra Music Festival in downtown Miami, which I witnessed from my window all weekend with a smile. It's an excellent opportunity for me to share the most important thing I've learned from five years of living in Miami…

Don’t fight it. Embrace it.
— Amy Elisabeth Steiner Dannheim

This lesson will take you places in this town. Just ride the wave. Surrender to this city, in all it's wackiness. Smile and breathe through it. So embracing Ultra and it's pounding base, with wide arms, I made an Ultra playlist for the flowin' yogis tonight in class. Techno? Tech-yes.

You can find me and more tunes on spotify here too.