Favorites for my ONE year old!

I think this has been the fastest slowest year ever. Charlie is turning ONE on Tuesday!

The thing I didn’t realize until I myself had a kid is how quickly they change and grow out of things. One year old Charlie is miles away from newborn Charlie. So with that, I wanted to share what she is into nowadays and some perfect one year old items for our babe.


Once Charlie started walking, everything changed. She wanted to use her little leggies as much as possible - and I get it. I liken it to when you first get your driver’s license - you want to drive everywhere. Her own two feet became her preferred method of transportation, which meant she despised the stroller. After a few weeks of no stroller rides (and mom going crazy) we finally discovered a solution. The SmarTrike. This convertible trike gives Charlie the feeling of being in control and allows her to move around as she pleases. She’s not able to put her feet on the pedals just yet but I know once she’s able to, it will be a whole new exciting phase.

Anyway, this thing is amazing. First - it’s adorable. We get compliments on it every single time we ride. We take a daily morning walk to Whole Foods and the cashiers go nuts about it. Second, it’s perfect for Florida - the sun cover blocks the sun without being too hot. Third, there’s tons of storage - a pouch for my phone/wallet/keys and a large removable bag for groceries, along with a bottom plastic compartment for even more stuff. I can bring back all of my groceries in this trike. And Charlie loves it because she is close to nature (she touches the plants as we walk) and can see all the dogs close up. It’s just more baby scale than being in a typical stroller. We love the SmarTrike!

Little Partners Learning Tower

As I’ve shared before, Charlie has never been a fan of highchairs. She cries when I try to buckle her in, squirms and tries to climb out, and just overall does not like to be contained. For a while, I would just feed her as she walked in circles around the kitchen, but it was exhausting, messy and just generally unsustainable. She also loves to be at counter height and see what I am cooking so the Little Partners Learning Tower ended up being the best thing ever.

We have the limited edition version with the side panels so that she is contained - but once Charlie is older, we can remove them she will be able to climb in and out on her own. This puppy also has a built-in chalkboard and clips for art projects. Charlie eats all of her meals in the tower and I also park her in it for food prep and any time I need her off the floor… like the time when I dropped the family size GT’s kombucha bottle on the floor and shattered glass went everywhere. Ugh.

Munchkin Weighted Straw Cup

Charlie loves to walk around with her sippy cup and also tips it upside down to drink out of it. Which means for 99.9% of the cups out there, the straw no longer gets any liquid in it. But this cup is amazing, the straw works at any angle. She can hold it any which way and sip out of it. I also put coconut and oat milk in it. Yum. The little snack cups included in this Munchkin snack kit are also the best!

Ball Pit

All of the times I brought my own bags to the grocery store and used my reusable water bottle in yoga went down the drain with Charlie’s new ball pit. Yes, It’s a ton of plastic. It’s also a ton of fun. Charlie loves her birthday gift (courtesy of her grandmother) and happily splashes around in here by herself. She also enjoys throwing balls out of the pit but also has mastered putting them back in. Balance. Some other perks - it’s much more hygienic than a communal ball pit… and you can customize the ball color! We found 400 balls was the right amount.


I love having a one year old! Everything is becoming more interesting and she is speaking more words and understanding more things - and blowing kisses and waving hello and goodbye! Happy Birthday Charlie, I love being your mom.