Energy Shifters

It must be something about beautiful, warm locales. Maybe it's tropical summer breezes or the fresh coconuts or beach walks, but every oceanfront paradise that I have loved has always come with it's share of incredible healers - people from all over who have settled in to soak up the sandy shores and salty air while sharing their unique gift. Places like Costa Rica, Bali, California.

And our sunny sanctuary of Miami is no exception. Even though Miami is known for it's debaucherous nights, there is a strong community of holistic practitioners, yoga teachers and various energy shifters who call South Florida home. These healers are typically quite intuitive, being able to read body signals and direct energy. They add a layer of mysticism to the communities they live in, as well instilling some serious devotion in their disciples.

"My back's been bothering me again. Need to make an appointment to see my guy."

And the guy could be an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a crazy-ass personal trainer up in North Miami, a body talker, a restorative yoga teacher... the list goes on. But at the end of the day, they're all light workers. Bringing a positive energy to those who they touch. They make people feel better. They bring the light. And people eat this shit up. 

It like I always say when people ask me if it's ok to assist me in yoga... "who doesn't like to be touched?!"

And all that said, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite energy shifters in Miami - people who can fix what's ailing you and more importantly, people that I have worked with and can personally recommend.

For massage, my favorite therapist is the incredible Michael Orkin. This guy seriously works magic. A session with Michael can transport you to another dimension. In a fun twist of tropical paradise fate, we met Michael while in Bali and found out we lived minutes away from each other in Miami. Beyond having intuitive hands, Michael is also an expert in essential oils, which he sources from a distillation center in Maui. He can make personalized concoctions and incorporates them into your bodywork. He doesn't do social media. He doesn't have a website. He just delivers a stellar session every time. Send him a text and the good vibes roll.

my back after my clavitherapy session. it's kind of like the new cupping.

my back after my clavitherapy session. it's kind of like the new cupping.

So let's say you're good on massage and want to try something a little more interesting, to up-level your healing game. Well then, Gabriella Piccirilli is your woman. A renowned reflexologist, Gaby also is a practictioner of clavitherapy. Clavi-what, you ask? Clavitherapy. It's a Polish modality that believes the body can be understood through the skin. So they assess your spine and use stainless steel instruments to stimulate your nervous system and bring everything back into alignment. It's kinda like acupuncture but not. And cooler. It also helps that Gaby is the only clavitherapy practicioner on this continent. Her clavi sessions wrap up with some delicious expert level reflexology - at the same time both stimulating and relaxing - while she recommends herbs and tonics to help your healing. She spents half her year in Toronto, so try to catch her when she is in Miami for the winter. Again, another under the radar body worker. Text her for session: (647) 272-5734

And finally, if you want the weirdest of the weird, there's Gary. 

Gary the Mechanic is a legend. He's blunt. He can be crude. He loves to impersonate Chinese women. And he knows his shit. He's in his 60's and looks nothing like you would expect. He's a trainer, an intuitive and if you have anything going wrong in your body, he can help you. He will probably forget your appointment. And he won't really want to hear from you what's going on. Instead he'll take your body for a test drive and let it tell him. He's got a little table inside a fitness studio in a strip mall in North Miami. But he has helped my back, my headaches, my ankle and he will personal train you to boot. No website. No social media. But somehow, it all works.

There are so many more awesome light workers, healers and practitioners around Miami - too many to name, these are just a few of my top choices. Would love to hear your favorites and suggestions!