It's been a minute since I've logged on here. My friend asked me the other day why I hadn't blogged in a while.

"I haven't had time."


It's true. It is bullshit. I have had time and I've done other things with it. And as I reflected more, I realized something else. I was hesitant to blog because I wanted it to be perfect. I wanted every post to be meaningful and evocative and just, well... perfect. It's an interesting thing to think back on, because for a while there, I didn't care so much if shit got messy. But then, when I wasn't looking, I went back to what's comfortable - that very familiar "keep it together" place.

And honestly, that desire for perfection holds me back from quite a few things. So I'm into to blogging even when it's not perfect. I'm committed to continuously step into that vulnerable place. I can't say it will all be great. I might write about random stuff - like my new water bottle that I'm obsessed with, but hey, it's honest and it's sharing.

Growth is a constant dance. You gotta keep moving though. Sometimes you take a step back. Sometimes you take two months off. Sometimes you fail. And sometimes... you fly.