I love community, and I love technology, so it's no surprise that I love social media.

Yes, it can be a huge time suck - no need for me to go on about those midnight hashtag spirals, we've all been there. But to it's credit, it can provide incredible opportunities to learn, connect and share. Currently, Dawn B and I are hosting a yoga challenge on instagram called #beyondtheasana and I am totally inspired by everyone participating. Watching people share their pictures, thoughts and yoga practice with us is magic. The little glimpses into life are making me smile every morning. 

This connection is what strengthens our bonds as humans. This is why we love instagram or Humans of New York or people watching. Having a human experience - simply being human - is fascinating and frustrating at the same time.

Instagram, like the world at large - and like being human, can be disheartening and not always a truthful place, but when you do find those little snippets of honest expression, savor them.

And when we can be truthful with ourselves and the world around us - both on the inside and the outside - then savor that even more. Vulnerable expression is a step closer to true connection. And true connection is what makes this whole being human thing worth it.