Ay dios - it's been too long since I've written a blog post. But it's for good reason, I guess. 

I wrote at the end of 2014 about finding my purpose. It's scary at first to put your dreams on paper (or on the web) but if you take the risk and actually do it, it's fascinating to watch what unfolds. A few days after I wrote that post, things started to percolate. I did some personal work, seeking to figure out what I was missing. Why was I asking for my purpose? Wasn't I living it? The universe started showing me things. I reflected. And then... an opportunity came my way that aligned almost exactly with my goals and passions. An opportunity that reminded me that I already knew my purpose and my greater contribution to the world. 

We always already have the answers inside us, but sometimes we forget them.


Some backstory... I spent most of the past year working pretty much independently and I realized that working by myself is not my jam. I love all aspects of teaching yoga but at the end of the day, it's a solo career. In thinking back to my previous roles, I felt and performed my strongest when I was working with people, leading teams, brainstorming creatively, going to a "job". In reviewing all this, I remembered how much I loved working with people.

Connection is the cure, in my opinion. I mean, hell - that's why I even started this blog. 

So as the next step on my personal path of exploration, I excitedly have taken on the role of Head of Community for jugofresh - an amazing Miami based company. It's the intersection of all things I'm passionate about - health, yoga, food, Miami, consciousness - through creating innovative events that raise the vibes in Miami while also handling their social media channels. And don't worry - I'm still teaching yoga - mainly at Green Monkey and lots of events. I also find that I love yoga more when it's not the only thing I'm doing and it shows in my teaching.

A role like this was one of my goals for years. I'm continually amazed at the power of goal setting, putting our dreams out to into the universe and trusting that things will happen - and it usually happens in ways we would never imagine. It's magical, really. When we allow ourselves to really be ourselves, it serves everyone. Keep shining. xo, Amy