Hello, February. You zippy little month, you.

This is the month I'm doing backbends and shoulder openers so I can shine more brightly. Self-love, romantic love, love for the guy today who told me that yoga was a joke - it all starts with opening up the heart chakra. When we close off our heart space, love doesn't flow very well. This can happen consciously - when we've been hurt - or subconsciously, like when we hunch our shoulders forward and we make ourselves small.

When we bring in awareness and open up this energy center, allowing for flow, we are able move past our everyday M.O. and tune into our higher selves - so that we can listen to and ultimately follow our heart.

I wanted to share a short and sweet heart-opening love sequence I wrote for BeYogi.com so that maybe you'll be inspired to open up and get some more love out into the world too. 

camel pose