The past few weeks have been pretty up and down for me - as far as emotions, life, circadian rhythm. I'd like to blame it on whole milk and jet lag. But really, it's me. And in talking to friends lately, I've realized it's not only me. There is a bit of a emotional epidemic happening. There is something going around… the dengue fever of emotions, let's call it. Symptoms include highs and lows, feeling confused, ungrounded, up in the air about yourself and life.

As a doer, I want to automatically jump into action when I feel out of sorts emotionally. My inner voice says I should fix this and get myself in check. Typically I'd get on my mat more, add some extra maca powder to my smoothie, journal more. But there is so much beauty in the low points of our experiences. My request of myself at this point in my life… can I stay in my experience, even when it feels uncomfortable, instead of feeling like I have to change it. We often want to numb our discomfort with externals like food or shopping. But that doesn't solve it, it just puts a band-aid on until the next time something goes wrong. My undertaking right now is being really present with myself. Feeling my emotions for what they are - without judgement. Embracing this ungrounded, uncomfortable-ness. Being ok in uncharted territory. Because I know this is only preparing me for something better.