Radical contentment

A big theme that has shown up for me this week is comparison. It's cool because it's irrelevant that I'm on the other side of the planet - it's the same conversation that's happening in Miami Beach that's happening in Padang Padang Beach. Over the past few days, I've been privy to hearing people compare bodies, yoga practices, hotels, cities, cultures, you name it. Hell, on this trip, I've been guilty of comparing what my experience is to what I believe my experience should be. On what I think Bali 'should be like' versus how it actually has been for me. 

Comparison is the thief of happiness

After two days of heavy Ubud yoga-ing, here are some of my yogi thoughts on this. The moral/ethical yoga code is comprised of the yamas and niyamas. There's a niyama called santosha, which means radical contentment. It's the ability to feel satisfied with the container of one's immediate experience. To be totally content with what is.

Comparison is so paralyzing because once you start comparing yourself to someone or something, you stop having your experience. When you're not you, something else is. The ego completely takes over. And your ego isn't you. When we identify with the ego (which loves to show up as "I will be happy when…") we will never be content. Adios santosha. Is your life complete after you bought those new yoga pants? No, of course not. That is not the answer. And you knew that already, but the ego is so freaking tricky. It will keep tricking you until you really get that you are the answer. You already have what you need right there inside of you.

Commit to loving yourself and loving your experience. Commit to staying on your mat, wherever you are on that journey. And be so grateful, for everything you are - because you are beautiful and whole and complete.

Tiny blessing everywhere you go.

Tiny blessing everywhere you go.