Bali packing list

We made it to Bali! 


Quite the mission to get here... MIA - NYC - YVR - HKG - DPS. But 24 hours in and I'm totally in love with Bali. It's yogi paradise. Teak furniture and Ganesha statues as far as the eye can see. Beautiful beaches and fresh delicious food with lots of veggie options. Great coffee and nice people. Little altars everywhere. Blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Simple living. In the spirit of keeping life simple, I packed for a month of travel in one carry-on.


Given my previous ankle incident, I made a commitment to only traveling with a carry-on from here on out. I struggle with over-thinking when I pack so I wanted to share my packing list in case it might help you. Here is what made it into in my bag for one month abroad - with multiple climates (it's going to be in the 50's in Australia). As you can see below, I was able to fit a good amount of stuff! 

Bali/Australia packing list:

- 6 basic-ish tank tops (mix of lululemon, American Apparel and Purdy Ave, of course!)

- 3 pairs of yoga pants (teeki and lululemon)

- 1 pair of luxtreme crops for hiking and beach walks

- 1 pair of black wunder under crops

- 1 pair of lululemon speed shorts

- 3 dresses which can double as beach cover-ups

- flowy skirt

- 1 crochet tank

- 1 pair of jeans

- 3 pairs of loose lightweight pants in fun prints (basically the pants I wear all the time)

- 2 long-sleeved shirts (one of which is lululemon silverescent for when we go hiking)

- button down chambray shirt

- plain gray t-shirt

- black jacket with a removable hood

- 3 swimsuits (and I just bought a new one here! so 4 now)

- havaianas flip-flops

- gold and leather sandals

- chuck high-tops

- nike frees

- little yoga sneakers from London

- awesome big straw sun hat

- baseball hat

- vinyasa scarf

- 2 purses (day and night)

- 1 travel tote

- 1 collapsible backpack from BAGGU

- umbrella

- sunglasses

- assorted jewelry

- toiletries/make-up

- laptop, cell phone and charger

- great book (The Fault in our Stars) which I devoured on the plane

- yoga mat

- international converter

Also noteworthy is what I didn't pack - a hair straightener or blowdryer. Au natural, baby. I know I can trim this packing list down - I'll revisit it after the trip and note what I didn't use. The less I can bring, the better. Like my mantra from last week, I have everything I need.