How to look like a Miami local in yoga class

Viva Miami yoga! My home mat scene. My hOMe. If you're new to this tropical paradise, here are some truths that will help you navigate your way through the Miami yoga community, especially if you're used to practicing somewhere like London

1. First off, guys, it's joga

2. Bring your own mat and towel. Preferably in a bright color. Shit gets sweaty in this town. The Mat from lululemon is a great choice for the ultra-sweaty Miami yogi. 

3. Ride your bike or your scooter (also preferably in a bright color). Parking is tough around yoga studios and there is nothing worse than fucking up your zen while looking for a spot right before class. 


4. In a packed class, expect to move your mat over to fit someone who comes in late (better known as running on Miami time). Do not get annoyed at this - it's just how it is. Miami works when you surrender to it.

5. To really look legitimately local, set up your phone, expensive car keys, towel and green juice at the front of your mat. Designer purses at the back of the mat or in a cubby. You wouldn't want to drip sweat all over your iPad.


6. The instruction will be mainly English, some Sanskrit... probably some Spanglish... and even a little Spanskrit. Virabhadrasana dos, yogis!

7. Miami yogis do not do well with structure. Can you blame us? We can't even get to class on time. Miamian's march to the beat of their own drum. Don't be surprised when the person next to you does an unauthorized handstand after standing split, or an updog while the instructor is still asking for chatarunga. Hell, sometimes they'll even do their own sequence. 

8. For the Miami yogi, pigeon pose means "texting time!"

*Note - pigeon texting is not condoned by yoga instructors. Put that phone away!

9. If class is supposed to end at 7:30pm, don't plan anything until 7:45pm. Class won't end  at 7:30pm (it started 5 minutes late anyway) and there is no post-class bolt to the door like other cities. It's social here, and that's a beautiful part of the Miami yoga scene - plan to stick around a few minutes and meet new like-minded friends. Slow down a little.

10. Don't be afraid to rock your yoga clothes all day. EVEN IF YOU DIDN'T GO TO YOGA. It's totally commonplace. 

To sum it up, yeah it's a little wacky here but aren't we all crazy anyway? You will do amazing yoga in the most beautiful places in this town. When you start to judge it, that's when you lose your personal yoga and let other people affect you. Embrace it all for what it is and love it all up. Open yourself up without judgement and simply share that love and light within you.

Namaste y'all.