Be a channel

Shit. It's been 5 days since I wrote my last blog post.

Yesterday, I thought "damn... what am I going to write about for my next post?" And in that moment, I drew a blank. A big fat blank. "Dude", I said to myself, "is this writer's block?" UGH.

But when I stopped to really think on it, there were so many things I could wax on about. I could write about my three trips in the past week to Trader Joes, my current love affair with FlyBarre, this weird-ish spirituality course Mike and I took this weekend, yoga classes, avocado toast, etc, etc, etc. And I could totally write in depth about any of those. But what's coming up for me is that I want to take a step back and talk about why I didn't write so much this week and why, in that moment, I felt like I had nothing to write about. 

I was too busy. That's the literal interpretation. I had lots of things happening in my day that prevented me from sitting down in front of my computer to share my brain with you. What's deeper than that is that I wasn't being a channel. My "busy-ness" during my days was preventing me from having creative space. In order for me to write and be creative, I need space. For all of it to flow through me. 

The reason this blog even started is because I had time in London for some legit and wonderful creative space. And I worried when I started this blog what would happen when I got back to Miami and started having my normal work-ish life again. Because for me, at least, I need room to let the words flow through me. When I jam myself up with calendar appointments, I feel productive (yes!), but I am not as creative. You know when you have your finest thoughts in the shower? You're in the flow. You are just being - in that moment - washing your hair or whatever and your brain is present and you remember how that song goes or have an amazing idea for your business. However you quantify it or describe it, that's what it takes for real creativity - being present and here in this moment. This might happen for you in yoga, meditation, running, whatever. And savor that space, that flow. Because the creativity exists in you, outside of you, around you - you just need to be clear to be a channel for it and then share it with the world. 

sunrise yoga

For more thoughts on this, I love this TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. You can check it out here