Goals and intentions

I spent four amazing years with lululemon athletica, where goal crushing was part of my everyday vocab. We were encouraged to set goals and celebrate achieving them. This wasn't new to me, I had been into goals for a long time. It was one of the reasons I came to work at lululemon. Hell, my 8th grade yearbook quote was "goals are dreams with deadlines."


Goals were more structured with lululemon though. My goals were on the wall for the world to see. I had people holding me accountable. And the results spoke for themselves. It was crazy - through setting goals, shit happened that I never thought possible. I completed my yoga teacher training, started teaching yoga, moved to Miami Beach from the Gables so I could ride my bike to work, got a bike, stuck handstand, traveled, got another bike, sold my car, started a company, quit my job, and most importantly, I started really loving my life. Once you put yourself out there, the universe meets you. People come into your life to help you get where you want to go. You start manifesting great stuff and the ball gets rolling. Fast!

What I learned along the way though was how important the intention was behind the goal. My "looking good" goals, like learning spanish and running a half marathon, never materialized because they weren't what I really wanted to do at that time. They were just things that I felt like other people were doing that I should also do. Things that I thought made me look good. What a crappy place to operate from. If what I was doing with my life was to make myself look good to others, where is the fulfillment in that? Where am I filling my soul? You gotta check your intention. Good intentions breed good things. I got some bad shit for bad intentions. One of my goals early on was to get married by the time I was 30. When 30 was rapidly approaching and I wasn't even engaged, I started getting pissed off. Mad at Mike, mad at everyone else, mad at myself. My intention sucked. I wanted to prove myself. I wanted to get married more than I wanted to be happy. And that taught me a lot. To chill the f out and come from a good place. A place of love. Good intentions breed good things.

So after listening to what makes my soul sing and is true to me, here are some fresh goals. 

Goals - updated 4/2014

I start each day with hot lemon water and 5 minutes of free flow writing by May 2014

I submit articles monthly to MindBodyGreen by June 2014

I do FlyBarre 3x week and practice yoga 4x week by August 2014

I have a mentor by September 2014

I have 1000 subscribers (!) to my blog by December 2014 (here is the link for that;)

I have an office in Buro by January 2015

Purdy Ave is rocking profits in its first year (by February 2015 - you can support us here!)

I guest blog for 10 blogs by April 2015

Purdy Ave is the leader in kickass community events by May 2015

Mike and I hike Macchu Picchu by July 2015

I take a vegan cooking course by September 2015

I complete my 500 hour teacher training by December 2015

I teach at Wanderlust by 2016

I hike Mt Kilimanjaro with Mike by 2017

I am a lululemon ambassador by 2017

I trave to Australia with Mike by 2018

I have my own holistic event and coaching company by 2018

These will change. I might not complete some. And that's great. It's all part of this journey we call life. What are your goals? I'd love to know. Or connect with me for a goal chat to get your own goals rolling and start manifesting! xx, Amy