trust the universe

The universe is a funny thing. It has a way of directing us back to where we are supposed to be. And for me and Mike, it looks like we are supposed to be in Miami. Due to some circumstances outside our control, we won't be galavanting across Europe anymore. It's kind of a bummer, but honestly I'm not really that upset. I missed home while I was gone. I love it here. It's sunny and warm. We have a great group of friends, familiar faces, a rad apartment in an amazing location. 

Travel is beautiful because your eyes are so open. To what is new and to what is already there. For me, it gave me such a gift of reflection. How important it is for me to part of a community - being alone in a new place not really knowing anyone, I quickly became lonely. I know if we had stayed there I would have made friends - but for the initial few weeks, I wasn't my happiest. I was reminded that my yoga practice is my lifeline. That I need to meditate regularly. That cooking in my kitchen is more enjoyable to me than any expensive meal out. How much I value my daily bike rides. I was so inspired too - by what people are up to, how they see the world, what they're seeing, wearing, eating. This experience, albeit short, taught me so much. I studied abroad in London in college, but this was different. More real. 

This trip also kickstarted some of my goals, rekindling my love affair with writing, launching a blog, teaching internationally, getting published on MindBodyGreen, getting a writing job… and we made some great progress with Purdy Ave. Being somewhere new and not working a normal job gave me creative space that I had never had in my adult life.


So we are back in Miami for about a month and then heading abroad for some personal travel (honeymoon in Bali!) and we will be home for June and beyond - pretty much permanently - for now at least. I'm excited to get back into this community that I love, create some new possibilities for myself and see can happen from this new space. I'm going to be working on my goals this week to get some fresh energy flowing - I'll post them to share. Grateful to be home. xx, Amy

PS - Yes, I'm also back teaching my normal schedule at Green Monkey. Can't wait to see you there.