Hello world! I left sunny Miami for foggy Londontown on Monday to spend a couple weeks here. My days here so far have consisted of yoga, exploring, coffee and foraging for green things to eat. Since I'm not technically "working", my personal goal this week was to get the ball rolling on teaching some classes here, redo my website and start a blog. So here we are! Goal numero uno is under control - just waiting on some moving parts. YAY. That goal was a little easier because it involved connecting with actual people. The blog and website have been much more daunting. Internet has been bloody fickle around here. I finally discovered an adorable coffee shop that has lightning speed internet and a yummo veggie couscous. Done. 

The delicious couscous!

My goal with the blog is to share about my yoga experiences, bikes, food, recipes I love and just a general brain dump off cool yoga related shit. I've wanted to do it for a while and here we are. Class today was at Move your Frame Shoreditch, my current favorite studio since it's really the only studio I've been to yet this week. It's so painful to pay for classes - you practice for free as a teacher. I've done two flow classes and they were both great. Strong, sweaty and mixed level. Good tunes. And to be honest, I just enjoy how they say anjaneyasana. 

Move your Frame