In my meditation this morning, a phrase popped in my head. One of those things that got backstocked into the recesses of my brain, waiting for the time to come out. Something that needed to be said, to be heard. It was something that needed to be shared.

Being right doesn't further the conversation.

Fuck. I love the feeling of being right. That instant validation and gratification is an ego boost and a half. But it's such a temporary high because there is always the flip side. Being right is kind of like eating ice cream - really awesome in the moment... and not so awesome afterwards when your jeans are tight.

Life is a balance. Every action has a cost and the cost to being right is relationship. There is no growth, no furthering the conversation. "I'm right, you're wrong, end of story."

Being right is a block - a wall that prevents anything else from happening. You may have won and proved someone else wrong, but where does that leave you? Nowhere good.

Shift the lens. Life isn't about winning. It's about expanding.