Flow in the Dark playlist

This past Saturday night, I taught a class I had been wanting to teach for a long time. Late night, lights out, super vibey. The concept was a flow that moves us past the external circumstances where we compare ourselves to other people and give us the opportunity to simply get lost in our own practice, free and totally ourselves. I felt very clever when I named it Flow in the Dark. The fact that everyone thought there would be glowsticks and neon was besides the point.

third eye

Loaded with organic, rhythmic movement, the highlight for practitioners was the freestyle flow portion in the middle of class. I stopped talking and everyone just let loose. Bodies were moving, emotions were high, and most of all - thoughts were absent. Everyone was completely absorbed in the moment - totally present - and I had a huge smile on my face. 

It was an awesome sight and I wanted to share the music that took us to that place.

On a side note... someone asked me to describe the playlist for the class and I said "Ummm... tribal electronic?"

See if you agree.