I took one of those little quizzes last night on Facebook. You know, the ones that have provocative titles like "What city are you supposed to be living in?"

Mine was Capetown. Which I totally agree with - I love that place. 


The one I took last night was a "What personality type are you" quiz. It was based on the Myers Briggs test. Since it was just a zippy Facebook link, I didn't overthink my answers like I normally would. Breezing through - yes, that sounds a little like me... no, that does not describe me at all... I made it through and then at the end I was told I was an INFJ.

Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging. 

Introverted. I mulled this over. I read the description. Yep, that sounds like me. Creative but struggles to express how I'm feeling verbally. Sensitive. Insightful. Secretive. Believe I'm right. Perfectionist who is rarely at peace with myself. Yes, yes, yes. But introvert? I wasn't sold.

Today I started talking to my mom and she told me how much she loves texting. I agreed with her and she said "I really don't like talking on the phone."

"Yes!" I exclaimed emphatically. "I hate calling people on the phone! I don't even like picking it up when people call! It makes me so anxious." Introvert central.

I love people. I equally love being by myself. Maybe I'm a flexivert. But what's more compelling is why do I always feel like I need a label to feel whole and complete. 

Do I really need another reason to feel good or bad about myself? 

Maybe I'll just move to Capetown and stop taking these little quizzes.